Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2020 感恩月 Thanksgiving Month


Thanksgiving month introduction


November is a month of familial joy, and it is also SVCA’s annual Month of Thanksgiving. We’ve chosen thirty readings from the Book of Psalms for this year’s Scriptures of Thanksgiving, and they are divided into the following six categories:
  1. Giving thanks to God for who God is
  2. Giving thanks to God for God’s salvation
  3. Giving thanks to God in difficult circumstances
  4. Turning to God and giving thanks while going through injustice and grievances
  5. Giving thanks to God for answered prayers
  6. Giving thanks to God for spiritual battles won
Psalms are meant to be sung and not pedantically studied, but they are, nevertheless, profound in wisdom. Ask the Lord to help you draw closer to Him through these verses and through the provided daily reflections. We encourage you to recite the psalm aloud, pray-read to God, and taste the act of “eating the Lord’s words.” Please place more emphasis on the bold verses and reflect on them throughout your day. We have faith that if you begin your day in this way you will be dwelling in Christ and bearing much fruit throughout the day, and the Father will receive glory.
In this season of thanksgiving, along with our family and friends, let us earnestly practice these words - “whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”


  1. 因著 神的所是稱謝 神
  2. 因著 神的救恩稱謝 神
  3. 在艱難環境中稱謝 神
  4. 從不平和埋怨中轉向 神獻上感謝為祭
  5. 因著禱告蒙垂聽獻上感謝為祭
  6. 因著屬靈爭戰得勝獻上感謝為祭

詩篇,其主要目的是用來吟唱的,不是拿來研究的,但是它內中的學問卻非常深邃。求主幫助我們每早晨藉著這些經文和每日一小段靈修心得親近祂。鼓勵大家出聲朗誦經文,然後向神禱讀,嚐嚐 “將耶和華的話吃了” 的滋味。然後重心放在粗體的背誦經文上,一天都可以回味無窮。相信這樣開始的一天,一定是一個住在基督裡的一天,也是一個多結果子的一天,叫父神因我們得到榮耀。


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