Sunday, January 5, 2020

Daily Scripture - Jan 5

Deuteronomy 10:12-17a
(Memorization Scripture 12-13)
12 “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways and to love Him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, 13 and to keep the commandments of the Lord and His statutes which I command you today for your [f]good? 14 Indeed heaven and the highest heavens belong to the Lord your God, also the earth with all that is in it. 15 The Lord delighted only in your fathers, to love them; and He chose their descendants after them, you above all peoples, as it is this day. 16 Therefore circumcise the foreskin of your heart, and be stiff-necked[h] no longer. 17 For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome…

One chapter of Proverbs per day in January: Proverbs 5

申命記 10:12-17a
12 「以色列啊,現在耶和華你神向你所要的是什麼呢?只要你敬畏耶和華你的神,遵行他的道,愛他,盡心、盡性侍奉他, 13 遵守他的誡命、律例,就是我今日所吩咐你的,為要叫你得福。 14 看哪,天和天上的天,地和地上所有的,都屬耶和華你的神, 15 耶和華但喜悅你的列祖,愛他們,從萬民中揀選他們的後裔,就是你們,像今日一樣。 16 所以你們要將心裡的汙穢除掉,不可再硬著頸項。 17 因為耶和華你們的神他是萬神之神,萬主之主,至大的神,大有能力,大而可畏…。

元月份每日讀一章箴言:箴言 5

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