Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 Scriptures of Praise Month 讚美月經文

2017 Scriptures of Praise Month

Strictly speaking, all of the Psalms are writings of praise. In Hebrew, the name of this book is Tehillim1, which means praise. The Psalms expresses praise through various literary styles and perspectives while also demonstrating how the psalmists turn towards God in different circumstances.

In these one hundred and fifty psalms, over a third are lamentations. It’s quite interesting that these lamentations often end in a declaration of faith, thanksgiving towards God, or an abrupt rise in the narrative to praise. All of our Scriptures of Praise for this year come from the Book of Psalms. In these readings, you will find a variety of vocabulary and literary descriptions, but at their core is the same central message that God is magnified and is worthy of the greatest praise- and this is done through supplication, thanksgiving, praise, crying out, and even cursing one’s enemies.

There is no better school than the Book of Psalms when one is trying to learn how to give praise. Reading and praying aloud the Psalms is the best starting point if you have ever felt like you do not  know how to pray or give thanks, do not understand who God is or what He does, or if you simply lack the words to praise Him with. Wherever you are at right now in relation to God and life, may the Lord bless you in this Month of Praise through His words and enable you to experience the great power that comes with praising Him.

According to Your name, O God, So is Your praise to the ends of the earth; (48:10)
1 Tehillim. Also the title of Psalm 145


嚴格來說,詩篇裡都是讚美詩,只是用不同的方式來表達讚美 神,在不同的境況轉向讚美 神,從不同的角度來讚美 神。所以,在希伯來文的聖經中,【詩篇】這卷書的名字就叫【讚美】1

有意思的是,這一百五十首讚美詩中,有超過三分之一是哀歌 (lament),而這些哀歌又多半結束在信心的宣告、對神的感恩、或者突然拔高的頌讚。我們今年的讚美經文全部從【詩篇】而來,大家可以找到各式各樣不同的詞彙和描述,中心就是藉著祈求、感恩、頌揚、呼喊,甚至咒詛仇敵,來表達耶和華本為大,該受大讚美!
除了【詩篇】,聖經中再沒有任何一卷書,是學習讚美最好的學校。如果你覺得你不會禱告,不會說感謝的話,不認識 神的所是和所作,想要讚美祂卻言語蒼白無力,…,朗誦、禱讀聖經中的【詩篇】是最好的起點。不論你的處境如何,願 神在讚美月用祂的話祝福每一位,並且讓你經歷讚美所帶來的大能!
1 Tehillim. 這也是詩篇145 的標題。