Saturday, March 19, 2022

Daily Scripture - Mar 19

Deuteronomy 4:7-8, 23-25, 39
(Memorization Scripture 7-8, 39)
7 “For what great nation is there that has God[a] so near to it, as the LORD our God is to us, for whatever reason we may call upon Him? 8 And what great nation is there that has such statutes and righteous judgments as are in all this law which I set before you this day?...23 Take heed to yourselves, lest you forget the covenant of the LORD your God which He made with you, and make for yourselves a carved image in the form of anything which the LORD your God has forbidden you. 24 For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. 25 “When you beget children and grandchildren and have grown old in the land, and act corruptly and make a carved image in the form of anything, and do evil in the sight of the LORD your God to provoke Him to anger, …39 Therefore know this day, and consider it in your heart, that the LORD Himself is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other.

申命記 4: 7-8, 23-25, 39
(背誦經文:7-8, 39)
7 「哪一大國的人有神與他們相近,像耶和華-我們的 神、在我們求告他的時候與我們相近呢? 8 又哪一大國有這樣公義的律例典章、像我今日在你們面前所陳明的這一切律法呢? . . . 23 你們要謹慎,免得忘記耶和華-你們 神與你們所立的約,為自己雕刻偶像,就是耶和華-你 神所禁止你做的偶像; 24 因為耶和華-你的 神乃是烈火,是忌邪的 神。 25 「你們在那地住久了,生子生孫,就雕刻偶像,彷彿甚麼形像,敗壞自己,行耶和華-你 神眼中看為惡的事,惹他發怒。 . . . 39 所以,今日你要知道,也要記在心上,天上地下惟有耶和華他是 神,除他以外,再無別神。 . . .」

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