Thursday, March 25, 2021

Daily Scripture - Mar 25

Isaiah 63:10-14
(Memorization Scripture 14)
10 But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit;
So He turned Himself against them as an enemy,
And He fought against them.

11 Then he remembered the days of old,
Moses and his people, saying:
“Where is He who brought them up out of the sea
With the [c]shepherd of His flock?
Where is He who put His Holy Spirit within them,
12 Who led them by the right hand of Moses,
With His glorious arm,
Dividing the water before them
To make for Himself an everlasting name,
13 Who led them through the deep,
As a horse in the wilderness,
That they might not stumble?”

14 As a beast goes down into the valley,
And the Spirit of the Lord causes him to rest,
So You lead Your people,
To make Yourself a glorious name.

10 他們竟悖逆,使主的聖靈擔憂。他就轉做他們的仇敵,親自攻擊他們。 11 那時,他們想起古時的日子摩西和他百姓,說:「將百姓和牧養他全群的人從海裡領上來的,在哪裡呢?將他的聖靈降在他們中間的,在哪裡呢? 12 使他榮耀的膀臂在摩西的右手邊行動,在他們前面將水分開,要建立自己永遠的名, 13 帶領他們經過深處,如馬行走曠野,使他們不致絆跌的,在哪裡呢?」 14 耶和華的靈使他們得安息,彷彿牲畜下到山谷,照樣,你也引導你的百姓,要建立自己榮耀的名。

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