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Daily Scripture - Apr 09

“After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, “I thirst!” Now a vessel full of sour wine was sitting there; and they filled a sponge with sour wine, put it on a hyssop, and put it to His mouth. So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.” (John 19:28-30)

I thirst. Yes, Jesus was thirsty. He, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, is the Son of God. He was betrayed, was arrested, was struck, was insulted, and suffered in an illegal, rigged trial by the Sanhedrin. He was later brought to Golgotha and was crucified. For a day and night, He had been experiencing the excruciating torment and brutal punishment of the cross. He thirsted as His human body went through such anguish. When talking about Jesus, Paul says, “And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross (Philippians 2:8).” How great is the love of Jesus! The Son of God was willing to die for me. He laid down his life and shed his blood for the forgiveness of my sin.

Yes, Jesus was thirsty. However, no water was given to him. A soldier ran and took a sponge, filled it with sour wine, put it on a reed, and offered it to Him to drink. This also witnesses that Jesus is the Messiah who was predicted in the Old Testament, as it fulfills what was written in Psalm 69:21: “They also gave me gall for my food, And for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.” The Son of God, who personally suffered so greatly, cried out to the world, “if anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (John 7:37-38). The Son of God is the living water, which never dries up. Jesus, our Lord, we thank you for You have laid down Your life for us and filled those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Come to Jesus with a faithful and grateful heart. Think about the reason why Jesus would suffer on the cross for us and feel the love of Jesus, our Lord. Today, if he says to you, “I thirst,” what will be your response?

What we can do:
Pray that God helps us to care for and help people who are in need through our love for Jesus Christ today. Matthew 25:34-40 “... for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; ...Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’”

Song: H297 I Gave My Life for Thee


28 這事以後,耶穌知道各樣的事已經成了,為要使經上的話應驗,就說:我渴了。29有一個器皿盛滿了醋,放在那裡;他們就拿海絨蘸滿了醋,綁在牛膝草上,送到他口。30耶穌嘗(原文作受)了那醋,就說:成了!便低下頭,將靈魂交付 神了。 (約 19:28-30)

是的,耶穌渴了!這位除去世人罪孽的逾越節羔羊、神的兒子,在夜晚漆黑的客西馬尼園被賣、被抓、被棄、被打、被辱、被多次審問、被帶到各各他、被釘上十字架,連續歷經一夜一天的折磨和十字架殘酷的刑罰。祂在人性的肉體上受到了極大痛苦的煎熬,耶穌渴了!保羅論到耶穌說:“既有人的樣子,就自己卑微,存心順服,以至於死,且死在十字架上。” (腓2:8)何等的大愛!神的兒子竟甘願為我死,流血捨命為叫我的罪得赦。

是的,耶穌渴了!在十字架上卻沒有一杯涼水給祂;僅有兵丁拿海絨蘸滿了醋,綁在牛膝草上,送到祂口裡。這也見證了祂就是舊約預言的那位彌賽亞,「他們拿苦膽給我當食物;我渴了,他們拿醋給我喝」 (詩69: 21)。 這位親身經歷各樣苦楚的 神的兒子,卻高聲對世人說:「人若渴了,可以到我這裡來喝。信我的人,就如經上所說:從他腹中要流出活水的江河來。」(約7:37-38) 神的兒子,成了我們的永不乾涸的活水泉。主耶穌,我們感謝祢!祢將自己的生命為我們傾倒,使饑渴慕義的人得飽足!



詩歌:H297 為袮,我捨生命

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