Monday, December 4, 2017

Praising Scripture - Dec 4


12/4 Psalm138:1-8
(Memorization Scripture: vv. 6-8)
1 I will praise You with my whole heart;
Before the gods I will sing praises to You.
2 I will worship toward Your holy temple,
And praise Your name
For Your lovingkindness and Your truth;
For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.
3 In the day when I cried out, You answered me,
And made me bold with strength in my soul.

4 All the kings of the earth shall praise You, O Lord,
When they hear the words of Your mouth.
5 Yes, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord,
For great is the glory of the Lord.

6 Though the Lord is on high,
Yet He regards the lowly;
But the proud He knows from afar.
7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
You will stretch out Your hand
Against the wrath of my enemies,
And Your right hand will save me.
8 The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

This beautiful psalm of praise begins a series of eight attributed to David and centers on a pretty amazing wish - that all the kings of the earth would praise the Lord in response to hearing His words! Wrapped around this hope is King David’s own praise which comes from both who God is (name, lovingkindness, truth, great in glory, mercy that endures forever) and the wonderful things which He has done. Chief among these wondrous works is God’s faithfulness in answering prayer which has made His name and promises more precious than all that even a king could possess.
Today there are many gods and kings zealous to steal our praise that belongs only to Jesus Christ. As you read David’s words, can you respond with him in praise for our great God’s abundant goodness towards you? Praise Him for all the ways He has answered prayers, shown you lovingkindness, strengthened you, and in the throes of trials has revived, defended, saved, and fulfilled His purpose for you (perfect that which concerns me).

May we praise God today looking forward to that amazing day when all the kings of the earth will bring their glory into the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:24). (KA)


12/4 詩篇138:1-8
1 我要一心稱謝你,在諸 神面前歌頌你。
2 我要向你的聖殿下拜,為你的慈愛和誠實稱讚你的名;
3 我呼求的日子,你就應允我,鼓勵我,

4 耶和華啊,地上的君王都要稱謝你,
5 他們要歌頌耶和華的作為,

6 耶和華雖高,仍看顧低微的人,
7 我雖行在患難中,你必將我救活。
8 耶和華必成全關乎我的事。

這首優美的讚美詩開始了一連八篇大衛的詩,並且以一個十分令人驚奇的盼望為中心——地上所有的君王都要讚美 神,因他們聽見 祂口中的言語。圍繞這一願望的是大衛王自己對 神的所是(祂的名,慈愛,誠實,大有榮耀,永遠長存的慈愛)和祂的奇妙作為所發出的讚美。而 神的奇妙作為首先便是祂在回應禱告上的信實,因此祂的名和應許比任何君王的都要寶貴。

現今有許多事情都會成為我們的神和君王,並竊取本來只應獻給耶穌基督的讚美。當你讀大衛的詩時,你是否可以用讚美來回應 神在你身上所做的偉大善工?讚美 神為你所做的一切,不管是回應你的禱告,向你彰顯慈愛,堅固你,還是在試探的劇痛中復興、保守、拯救你,並成全祂在你身上的旨意 (耶和華必成全關乎我的事)。

讓我們讚美 神,等候地上的君王將自己的榮耀歸於新耶路撒冷的那個美好日子的到來!(啟21:24)

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